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Building is our Business

No, we are not masons by any stretch of the imagination, but we like to believe that just like brick builders, we have a hand in building critical foundations for professional success.


Over the span of twenty years, Founder, Rashida Dore-Wilson has amassed a wealth of knowledge, skills, and technique which have become the foundation for NLI. Throughout her career, Rashida noticed a lack of trained minority women in leadership; as a response, she set out to position minority women for professional advancement by providing resources, insight, and strategies for success.


NeHERmiah Leadership Institute (NLI) was established in 2019 to provide minority women with the same access to leadership opportunities, advancement, and promotions as their counterparts. The institute recently expanded its capabilities to provide foundational management training through the Academy of Strategic Management.

Rashida, continues to lead training programs, workshops, and seminars on management and leadership that have helped hundreds of women, from college students to corporate executives establish their professional brand, and add value to the places they are called to serve.


Making the Case for Leadership Training

Barriers to women’s advancement, in both the context of academe and the workforce, are embedded into the infrastructure of today’s workforce. Women are not simply denied top leadership opportunities at the culmination of a long career, but rather such opportunities seem to also disappear at various points along their trajectories. And even when women attain leadership positions, they often face challenges embedded within institutional structures and systems -- and perhaps most importantly, mind-sets -- that require transformative change. This lack of opportunity is especially prominent among two main demographics: college students and the growing adult learner populations, as increasing numbers of established women professionals are looking for career advancement or self-development.

Nehermiah Leadership Program

NLI’s program is designed to fortify and produce eminent professional minority women in leadership and is carefully crafted to meet the immediate needs of women leaders today. Our programs cover relevant and timely materials on diversity, emotional and social intelligence, and up-skill training that is tailored to each participant's current level of knowledge, expertise and professional trajectory.


Our mission is to provide simple turnkey leadership strategies that will prepare minority women to lead change and add value to the organizations they serve. 


Nehermiah Leadership Institute exists to position minority women for professional advancement by providing resources, insight, and strategies for success.




Core values are the single greatest component of teamwork and corporate culture here at NLI. The success of our organization is predicated on the application of guiding principles that help us understand who we are and what behaviors and business practices are acceptable in achieving our goals. These values also allow us to streamline how we function as an entity in building trust with our students and staff.

  • Servant Leadership: As autonomous servant leaders, everyone is empowered to own their work, ensuring that we are making decisions and measuring outcomes based on how well it serves our students and our community. 

  • Support: We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment. We share a responsibility to support our team members and enrich their lives. 

  • Success: With empathy and humility, we seek win-for-all solutions.

  • Stewardship: We maximize the resources, knowledge, and skills entrusted to us to create positive outcomes. 

  • Sisterhood: We appreciate our network for sharing their stories, lives, and leadership journey with us and we strive to use our common experiences to support, uplift, inspire and motivate one another.

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