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To Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

NeHERmiah Leadership Institute was founded on the principle that all people, regardless of race, origin, nationality, gender, ethnic background, or economic status should be afforded the same opportunities and access to resources to succeed in life and in the marketplace.  Our mission remains to provide minority women with the tools and resources to compete professionally in the marketplace. 

As society grapples with the challenges in flushing out systemic racism and inequality in the land, NLI remains committed to its values that help to motivate progress toward building a more diverse and inclusive world.  We are committed to creating and supporting initiatives that bring constructive dialogue and solutions to create significant systemic change for communities at large. This includes integrating these complex narratives in NLI curriculum to evoke personal introspection and reflection while encouraging positive student engagement in the national conversation. We will continue to champion efforts that fuel social, educational, and equal economic opportunities as we partner with organizations that share the same convictions and commitment to the communities we serve. 

As a faith-based organization our posture will always remain to Love God, Love God's people, and to pray for the peace of God in this world. 

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