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Bridging the Gap between the
Classroom and the Boardroom

Bridging the gap between the classroom and the boardroom. NLI Integrate is a two-pronged approach to further embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into the corporate landscape focusing on both the organizational and student levels. 

Diversity. Leadership. Integrate.

The Millenial and Gen Z workforce is unlike any other. They make up nearly half of the present workforce and unlike their contemporaries, they not only seek, but require fulfillment, both at home and on the job.  They work for purpose, not a paycheck. This is why traditional corporate cultures and standards of old aren't adequate to recruit and sustain this new group of workers. Yet, it's not as simple as throwing away the old way of doing things. 

NLI Integrate understands the challenges modern business faces in recruiting and retaining workers that can thrive inside of the corporate walls and beyond.  Our bilateral framework prepares young professionals to be assets upon arrival and supports organizations so they know what to do when they show up. 

The Bridge
Classmates in Library
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Student Preparation

Our goal is to ensure that Gen Z is properly integrated into a work culture that values their innovation, creativity, and voice.

The Bridge

For Students, we provide needed leadership and soft skills to emerging leaders and young professionals.

For Employers, we help them diversify their talent pipeline, decrease turnover, increase employer buy in and success rate.

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Business Colleagues
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We serve as a conduit to bridge the employability gap by shedding light on the need for new innovation and ingenuity, cultural adaptability, and the value of generational differences


Integrate goals for achievement align directly with the tenets of positive employee-employer relationships. We believe that properly trained staff, that are strategically and properly placed in the workforce, benefits businesses most when proper integration is included in the process. Organizations reap the benefits of a well-trained, diverse staff; and well-prepared employees are able to adapt to new work cultures with ease. 
Proper Training
Proper Placement
Proper Integration

Business Success
College Friends

We understand the value of cultivating effective leadership through soft skill development and mindset management,  therefore we’ve developed a program designed specifically to prepare emerging leaders to add value to the corporations they serve. We understand that corporations are looking for young professionals who know how to successfully shift paradigms as they transition out of the classroom into the boardroom, and our program serves as a catalyst to that process.

  • Young Professsionals & Emerging Leaders

  • Minority & Diverse Gen Z Students

  • Enrolled in College with a 2.5 GPA or higher

Clapping Audience

Targeted Training
4-6 Week Intensive Co-ed Cohort

On a Video Call

Hybrid Learning
Models to Meet Students' Diverse Needs


Weekly Check-Ins
Open Office & Access to Instructors

In a Meeting

Workplace cultures strong in diversity, inclusion, and generational integration have been linked to greater organizational productivity. NLI Integrate provides scalable strategies and robust diagnostics for implementing culture change across your organization.  As a source of guidance and support for our industry partners, we help you transform your organization from the inside out, beginning with the heart of your business - the people. 


  • Industry leaders who want to diversify their pipeline of talent

  • Organizations that require human skills

  • Employers who want to increase employee performance and decrease turnover

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Company Analysis
4-6 Week Deep Dive & Analysis

Team Meeting

Company Diagnostic & Custom Solution

Business Meeting

Systems Support
Proper Training, Placement & Integration


Connect with us today to learn more about the program.

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