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  • How long is the cohort?
    The Flagship Cohort is four weeks. Live classes are held each Saturday during the session.
  • How will I take classes?
    Thanks to technology, we are able to facilitate all classes via zoom video conference. We use teh NSAS class forums for communications and group work
  • Will there be homework and graded materials?
    Each cohort is asked to complete a set of assignts prior to and during the session. Course work provided is not graded; however, it is required as a part of your successful completion of the course. Thesee material shelps you understand your current position, your trajectory and the steps you will need to take to reach the next level of professional development. Additionally, you will be asked to complete one group assignment.
  • What materials will I need to attend classes?
    You will need: 1. Access to a computer/smartphone to attend class and NLI Atudent Access System 2. A Journal (handwritten or digital) 3. A notepad for notes during class 4. Copy of your Pre-Course Assignments
  • What is the cost to attend.
    Tuition is based on your level of knowledge and leadership experience. This information is provided in detail after you have submitted our initial interest application and can be discussed with our enrollment specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

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